Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Installing Mobile Internet on the Acer Aspire One

I've read a lot about mobile Internet recently with network providers offering superb deals for customers so I thought I would go one a go and add the net to my Acer Aspire One Netbook.

Before signing up for a contract it's important that you check which network offers the best coverage where you need to use it. Often your home address isn't where you need to use the dongle as you will have traditional broadband there. So make sure that you do the research first.

I choose the package from 3 as the network offers good, fast coverage and they offer a great deal where you can get 15 GB of bandwidth for only 20 pounds per month.

The dongle it's self is quite nifty it plugs strait into the USB port of the AA1 and sits nice and securely, there is a LED on the Dongle which indicates signal strength and network speed.

The Modem Dongle contains all the drivers and software needed to install the dongle and connect you to the Internet.

When you plug in the Dongle into the AA1 running Windows XP, the 3 Connect software auto runs and all you have to do is to click on connect and you are away.

The modem speed is great for Browsing and can provide access to secure networks however it may be too slow for live video streaming.
These dongles are great value and can provide connectivity for when wifi isn't an option.


  1. Is there anybody out there who has experience installing the dongle with Linpus (or Ubuntu or any other netbook OS except XP)? Hmmm seems you have to reinstall Linpus just to try the dongle :-)

  2. Hi Marlot,

    I'm sure I've read it's possible on the acer aspire One forums. I'll have a look and see what I can find

    John M