Sunday, 10 May 2009

Ubuntu is slower then Linpus on the Acer Aspire One

I've been using Ubuntu for about a week now on my AA1 and here are my impressions so far.

The ubuntu interface is much better and easier to configure then the default Linpus Interface and tasks are generally much easy to perform.

However the AA1 performs better running Linpus, Sites like Youtube and Iplayer and significanlty slower to load and are jerkier when running on Ubuntu.

I'm looking into this but I'm tempted to move back to Linpus.


  1. have exactly the same experience, which is a pity. I too would like to continue to run Ubuntu. It is not Wifi or the speed of the internet connection that is causing the jerkiness, but the player itself. Particularly for Youtube this is a big drawback. Any fixes would be great. Is it processes running in the background that are causing the framedrop?

  2. Hi Marlot

    Thanks for the comment - I think I'm going to move back to Linpus.

    Ubuntu is very powerful - but Linpus is so streamlined that it flies.

  3. I see you're using netbook remix. Try disabling this and running the normal desktop if you aere using jaunty. Flash doesn't appear to like maximus wich the netbook reix uses to display things. I am finding jaunty very slow on my aspireone and am probably going to re-install intrepid ibex. following the communitydocumentation it only takes about an hour to install/setup everything properly and the madwifi driver is much quicker than the kernel driver in jaunty

  4. thanks MrMond

    I'll have a look before I install WinXP