Sunday, 3 May 2009

Installing Ubuntu on the Acer Aspire One.

In this post I mentioned that my Acer Aspire One had started a crashing loop. although the problem looked to have corrected itself I decided to re-install the operating system.

I've taken this opportunity to look at Ubuntu, to see how it matches up to the originally supplied Linpus.

To install Ubuntu I first installed the Netbook Remix edition to an auto booting USB stick using a Windows application. Following the instructions here. (Shown below)

  1. Download the desired .img file ( I downloaded the Netbook Remix edition from here)
  2. Download Disk Imager from

  3. Insert your flash media
  4. Note the drive letter assigned to your flash media
  5. Start Disk Imager
  6. Select the downloaded file and target device, and click "Write"
  7. Remove your flash media when the operation is complete
I then booted from the USB to make sure that the system worked and used the Ubuntu install application.

The whole process went well, and my intial impressions of Ubuntu are favourable.

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