Saturday, 3 January 2009

How to install Lincity on the Acer Aspire One

Another one of my favourite games from my Childhood was SimCity, and there's a Linux clone called LinCity. The game is available from the add software in the system section of the Advanced menu, but there is one extra stage that you need to take before the game will run. ( I found this solution here )

After the game has finished installing open a terminal window (Press ALT and F2, make sure the input box is empty, make sure run in terminal is checked and then Click run) and type:
lincity-ng -S 1024x600 into the terminal window.

This will launch the game in the correct resolution and the game will save these settings automatically.
From now on the game will run fine from the games section on the advanced menu.


  1. i got an unknown command error referencing the resolution

  2. HI

    Did you type lincity-ng -S 1024x600 to start the game?

    John M