Monday, 29 December 2008

Why the need for a new Laptop.

Hi all.

Here's a brief introduction, and history of why I'm now using a Netbook.

About 2 month's ago my trusty laptop died, meaning that I had limited access to Internet, email and no access to my Itunes library. As a keen blogger I was also had no access to blogger.

I've still got access to my old SATA hard drive, so there is a possibility to rescue my old files.
I've been looking at the new range of Netbooks for a while and the really appealed due to their small size and quick loading times.

I've purchased an Acer Aspire One and this blog will track my progress with it.
My goals are to review the Aspire One to see if it can be used as a true windows desktop replacement and to try and meet the following requirements:
  • Full Access to Internet & email & Blogger
  • Access to BBC IPlayer
  • The ability to play video and music files
  • To Rescue my Itunes Library
  • To Provide access to my Slingbox
  • To provide access to my work SSL connection.
If I can achieve most of the above points then I will be very happy.

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